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Emacs, Netscape and Apache - together?

I have been trying to get all three: Emacs, Netscape Navigator, and
Apache all working on an X-windows Linux system.  I switched from
Hat to Debian because Apache was not working on my Red Hat system,
rather than try to muddle my way through learning what was wrong, I
figured okay, switch to Debian (a friend had installed Debian and
worked for him "right out of the box").

I have now become semi-experienced in installing Debian kernels,
dselect and dpkg, and have successfully gotten X-windows, Emacs, and
Apache working (and ppp, whew!).  However, Netscape Navigator is
at me, saying it cannot load libraries.  I have twice reinstalled
the library
it most recently complains about, so the library is not corrupted.

I recently spent a day installing kernel 2.0.34 with full X-windows
Emacs and web stuff, and configuring everything the way I want.  I
three different Netscape binaries off the Netscape site, all for
Linux, in
various flavors (4.06 Navigator only, 4.06 Communicator, 4.5x can't-
remember-if-it-was-just-Nav-or-Communicator).  After gunzipping and
tarring them and ns-installing them, and trying to run them,
they all said they could not load libXpm.so.4 (sigh).

Previously, I had installed a smaller (basic) workstation
and then added X-windows, and had a similar problem when I gunzipped
and de-tarred (and feathered) and installed Netscape: when I tried
run it, it complained it could not load libXt.so.6 ... durn.

In both cases, a library of that name was there, so I suspect this
some sort of version-compatibility problem.

I feel hopelessly inadequate to the task of getting Slink off the
Debian site.  Among other problems, I have a 14.4K baud modem, and
totally ignorant about how to select the packages I need.  My best
strategy has been to take a "larger than needed" set of stuff for a
workstation during a kernel-installation process, then delete stuff
I don't want.  This way, I figure I make sure I'm getting all the
that I need.  Also, I can do this only when the temperature is cool;
I have no air conditioner, and the installation process crashes when
it's too hot.  I also cannot afford to buy another CD-ROM at this
I am standing on the edge of an abyss called "soon to be homeless
crank the old marketing telephone blitz."

So what I want to do is get a Netscape Navigator (or Communicator)
will work with Debian Hamm 2.0.34.  Since I make web pages for a
including making cgi-scripts, I utterly need a working web server
and a
working browser (sorry, Arena crashes on me all the time) and my
text editor = Emacs --- and I need them on the same system!

Can someone tell me where to find a Netscape Nav-or-Com for Debian

Thanks muchly,
Wyn Snow = wyn@dragonscale.com

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