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Re: Frontpage extensions?

On Fri, Jun 18, 1999 at 04:30:04PM +1000, Corey Ralph wrote:
> I am looking into the possibility of transfering an NT/IIS based webserver
> over to apache on debian 2.1, the only thing I need to confirm is that the
> frontpage extenstions will be available and equal to the NT versions.
> A couple things:
> Is it available as a deb package?  Is it in the distribution and I'm just not
> looking in the right place?
No, I'd think that the license would be way too restrictive. After a bit
of searching (wonderful navigable Microsoft site), I found them at
They have instructions for patching the apache source tree.

For future reference, try 'less /var/lib/dpkg/available'. Its a text
version of the DPKG database of available packages. Use '/string<Enter>'
to search for a particular string, and 'n' to cycle through matches.
> I have read about exploits in them, supposedly worse in the unix versions than
> in NT.  Is there anything to worry about there?
I don't think so. The FreeBSD-based ISP that I host web pages on, pair.com,
has Frontpage extensions on all 100+ servers; therefore, it is possible
to make them secure. There's a page on the frontpage web site on security.

> With apache, will it be a drop-in replacement for an NT server?  Does it provide
> all the 'webbots' and scripts e.g the hit counter etc?
I'm not sure, but I'd guess no. You might want to investigate PHP3; Its
everything that ASP is and a lot more. There are a lot of public domain
hit counter scripts out therel just grab one.

> Thanks.
> Corey
One thing you might look into, at least for future reference, is 
http://www.webdav.org. Basically, WebDAV is Frontpage-equivilant
and has been run through the IETF standards group. Right now,
Microsoft is embracing it (support is in IIS 5, IE 5, and Office 2000),
and an Open Source apache module is available. Eventually, it 
will probably replace Frontpage. 
Stephen Pitts
webmaster - http://www.mschess.org

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