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Installing Linux 1.3.1

Hi  friends

I'm a beginner in the Linux World and as my first step I have installed
Debian GNU/Linux 1.3.1 in a PC 486
/ 100 MHz  through the floppy drive. My PC lacks of CD-ROM or network

Now , I'm trying to install some aplications such as graphical user
interface (XFree86) , etc.

I've some questions about this topic :

$  I don't know how to use the dselect command , because when I execute
it , it asks me for a "package" file ,
which should be in the hard disk. How can I find those package files in
the Linux CD ?

$ How do  I use the "mount" command ? I want to mount the floppy drive
as a directory .

$ The "man" command doesn't work . Is that an installation problem ?
What did I do wrong?

I hope somebody can help me


Hector Garcia (hg)

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