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Re: default ungziped /usr/doc/*/* ?

Carl Mummert wrote:

> >> I am uploading here a small, hackish perl script that, along with some
> >> apache configuration changes, will allow you to view the compressed
> >> files in http://your-machine/doc as if they were not comrpessed.
> >
> >Very nice, but I urge people to file bug reports against packages
> >that have compressed html files without hacked URLs such that they
> >still work.
> Not good.  If the html is hacked so that links work while it is compressed,
> then when someone UNcompresses it, the links will break.  This would
> certainly be a surprising effect of unzpping html files.

Then don't do that!  :-)

My point is that files should work as installed by dpkg.  If you
uncompress them, then you're on your own wrt upgrading, package
purging, and yes, even wrt the package working correctly.  There
are lots of _surprising effects_ after unzipping packaged files.

Sometimes html _is_ hacked so that links work when the file is
compressed in order to save space on user systems.  This should
only be done on large HTML documentation packages. AFAIK, not
many packages do this, but I have done it myself.  Should you
file it a bug report on it, the most I'd do is provide a
decompressor script to change the URLs so it still worked, with a
large disclaimer saying that using it would render the package
not upgradable and not removable by dpkg.

Peter Galbraith <psg@debian.org>

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