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Amanda 2.4.0-3 from Debian 2.1, missing files?

Howdy all,

I've installed amanda 2.4.0-3 from the Debian 2.1 CDs, and there were no
dependency errors.  However, after configuring amanda and running
amcheck, I receive an email report containing these client errors:

ERROR: localhost: [can not execute /sbin/dump: No such file or
ERROR: localhost: [can not read/write /var/lib/dumpdates: No such file
or directory]
Client check: 1 hosts checked in 0.190 seconds, 2 problems found.

I've searched the Packages list (dpkg -S) for both these files, and no
package seems to provide them.  What worries me more, though, is that
the amanda package seemingly doesn't contain the dependency information
for these files.

Is this a configuration problem on my part?  Do I need to source
/sbin/dump and create /var/lib/dumpdates?  Is it something fixed in a
later version of amanda?  Or something else?

Ben Finney, System Administrator
PrintSoft Pty Ltd

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