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Re: apt-get segfaults while creating dependency tree

This used to happen to me all the time, until I changed the
terminal emulator I use to access the machine.  I changed
from Windows telnet (I think) to TeraTerm Pro.  I have no
idea why this would fix the problem, but it did.  I'm still using
apt 0.1.9.


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>>> "Keith G. Murphy" <keithmur@mindspring.com> 06/08 5:53 PM >>>
Recently, apt-get has started segfaulting on me every time I do an
apt-get install.  It will also often do it in the upgrade phase.  This
is, of course, quite frustrating.  I'm using the 0.3.6 package.

Has anyone seen this before?  Does anyone know a workaround or fix?

I've seen a bug report on this that's about 40 days old, but it still
seems to be unresolved.  I'm using 0.3.6 because I need libc6 2.1 for
some other stuff.  Maybe I'm just too far out on the bleeding edge... 

I can post an strace log up to an ftp site if anyone's interested.

I am running on a very memory-limited system (8M).  Hmmm, wait, it's
doing a mmap, maybe I should increase the size of my swap file.  :-\

Oh, well, I'm welcome to other ideas.  TIA.

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