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Re: Partition Type A0 ??

you can touch it if you disable SUSPEND TO DISK or 0V SUPEND in BIOS!
its a supend to disk or 0V(V as Voltage) partition (type a0)
its normally allocated in the end of the diskarea and should be a little
greater than your physically RAM size eg 64M ram = 70-80M 0V parttion
the extra space is for cache+cpu state and so on :)


On 12-May-99 Marcelo E. Magallon wrote:
> On Tue, May 11, 1999 at 10:46:22PM -0400, Will Lowe wrote:
>>      I booted it from the 2.1 CD,  and ran cfdisk.  It's a 4.something
>> gig drive,  which has 3 paions:  a 2gig one,  another 2gig one,  a
>> 162.5 gig one,  and 7 megs of free space.  The 162.5 gig partition (which
>> we'd like to delete) shows up as partition type A0 in cfdisk.
> On a recent installfest I ran into that with a Toshiba laptop.  The owner
> didn't know what that partition was for, so we removed it (~40 MB) using
> linux's fdisk.  We proceeded with the installation, rebooted, and surprise,
> surprise, the machine stopped booting!  We disable power saving and all that
> stuff, and the machine wouldn't boot.  We removed the hd from the BIOS, and
> the machine was able to boot from a floppy.  We recreated the partition
> (same type, same place), and the machine worked again.
> After reading the manual, which essentially doesn't say a thing about this
> partition, I got the impression it's for the "resume/suspend" function of
> the laptop.  I don't understand why the machine doesn't even boot without
> it, but I learned not to touch those. Ever.
>                                               Marcelo

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