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Re: X works, but no mouse?

On 10 May, Branden Robinson wrote:
> On Mon, May 10, 1999 at 07:17:02PM +0200, deblists@tifa.demon.nl wrote:
>> I usually have gpm set up as a repeater and X using the repeater
>> device, however, gpm can't start either.
>> An strace of 'cat /dev/psaux' gives me the same errors about not being
>> able to open the device, and /var/log/messages reveals that the kernels
>> wants (and fails) to load a module for char-major-10-1 (which is
>> /dev/psaux).
> You've done an admirable job of tracking down the problem.
> It sounds to me like you simply didn't compile your kernel with support for
> PS/2 mice.  Thus, there is no module to load.
> If that's not the problem I'll be quite surprised.

Well, then we have two souls (and more) who are quite surprised. I
re-compiled the kernel at least 5 times, in versions 2.2.5, 2.2.6 and
2.2.7 (and 2.2.7 patched). No luck. I DO have the ps/2 enabled but it
is no longer a module. The ps/2 mouse driver is now a part of the
keyboard driver.

The answer I got from SuSE support was that "they had more reports of
problems with this, and the workaround for now was to install the
2.0.26 kernel for now". (Remember, I had this problem on a fresh SuSE
installation, but I'm now asking here because I found here another user
with the same problem in Debian -- And I want an answer! <g>)

This might be a configuration issue, or it might be an issue with the
driver in the kernel. I have no idea. I wouldn't really know where to
look, altho I could browse the sources in the kernel trees...  But
basically I'm out of ideas.

Any help still appreciated! :-)


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