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Re: Visual Basic type IDE/Compiler

On 11 May, Brant Wells wrote:
> Hi Y'all
> Does anyone know of a good Visual Basic Style IDE for Linux?? Or how
> about an ELF compiler for basic??
> TIA,
> Brant

Hello Brant!

I'm not sure what you want; do you want a Basic compiler for Linux that
comes with an IDE, or do you want an IDE for Linux that is comparable
to VB, but perhaps working with another language?

I think there's something called Chipmunk basic for Linux, but that is
without any IDE.

IDE's available are Glade/gIDE for GTK+ development work, VisualTcl for
those inclined to Tcl/Tk coding, and there are several pure-Java IDE's
(NetBeans for instance).

There are other IDE's, but those are the ones that include visual
interface builders that I can think of right now. No Visual Basic or
Delphi equivalent. NetBeans comes closest to the Delphi/VB interface,
so I hope that Java is not a problem then :-)

With Regards,


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