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Re: setting dns values

On Mon, 26 Apr 1999, Wayne Topa wrote:

> Quoting Micha Feigin(michf@math.tau.ac.il):
> > Where do i write the dns values for dialup connections, and how do i
> > specify deferent dns values for deferent connections ?
> > Thanx
> Nameservers are put into /etc/resolv.conf like:
> AFAIK only the first 2-3 entries are used.  Any nameservers (even if
> not your ISO,s) are used.  It would seen to be faster if they matched
> your ISP tho.  I know of no way ( or need) to switch based on which
> ISP you connect to.  I see no noticable difference here using
> nameservers from other ISP's.

Danger, Will Robinson!

Some ISP's (the one I run, leaps to mind) use RFC-1918 addresses for
utility functions like the nameservers for dial-in users.  This is so
we don't have to reconfigure all of the dial-in users when we renumber the
rest of the system.  Unfortunately, that means that you can't use them
from outside Brokersys.

Also, you can't just use any old nameserver values because they sometimes
change.  If I were to set up those Mindspring DNS server values, they
would work until Mindspring decided to change their DNS numbers.  Since
I'm not a Mindspring customer, I wouldn't know until it stopped working.

All-in-all, it's best for all concerned if you use the DNS server
addresses that are associated with the ISP you are connecting through. 
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