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Re: deb vs. rpm

> I heard that it's supposed to be supperior. As a matter of fact that 
> is the main reason for me to try Debian (I started out with SuSE and 
> am still using it. However I don't like the way they package things 
> as it's not compatible to rpm's that I find on the net since they 
> aor usually for RedHat).
> Where can I get a more detailed comparison?
> Thorsten Manegold

  i dont have the URL handy, but since u asked for it and if u really want
perfecyly detailed/technical comparison, ask the maintainer of the debian
package 'alien' (thats the package w/c installs .rpm's like .deb's) ...
  he has a website w/c discusses all that, in astonishing detail ...


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