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Re: LyX 1.0 for slink?

On Mon, Apr 12, 1999 at 04:55:52AM -0400, navindra@cs.mcgill.ca wrote:

> You could still get the unstable source packages and build the deb
> from them.  Now I really wish I could figure out the damn details as
> to how to do this.  Any one care to explain?  I'm lost in a maze of
> manpages all alike.

> [dpkg-source -x? dpkg-buildpackage -b? dpkg-deb??  Red Hat makes this
>  so easy it's not funny.]

dpkg-source -x (or unpack yourself).  Then cd into the top directory of
the package and say "dpkg-buildpackage".  Specifying "-b" will stop a
source package being generated, which will speed things up a bit.  "-us" 
and "-uc" disable signing of the .dsc and .changes respectively.

Personally I always found dpkg easier than RPM for building packages,
but perhaps it's just me.

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