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Re: Slink PPP with no defaultroute

At 4/12/99 09:43 AM -0500, John Hasler wrote:
>Jay Barbee writes:
>> I have never used pppconfig before, but I did not.  I got the connection
>> setup and it it authenticated without a problem.  But it would not setup
>> the defaultroute?!?!
>Do you have an ethernet card installed?  pppd won't override an existing
>default route.

Yes I do, and that is the error I got in the log about not over writing the
default route.  However, hamms pppd and now potato's pppd do not have that
problem!  very odd!  Do you know how this ability (or lack of ) is defined?
 Would it take a recompile of Slinks ppp package to get it functioning like
hamms and potaots?

I could have sworn I saw a kernel patch in the newsroups, but I used the
same kernel (2.2.5) in both hamm and now slink without the problem.


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