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Re: xisp

>> "vp" == v polasek <v.polasek@worldnet.att.net> writes:

vp> I would like to run xisp without logging in as root.  Right now
vp> when I run it as a "regular" user, xisp gives me an error message:

vp> "/usr/sbin/pppd: using the name option requires root privilege".

Do you have the xisp package from 2.1, or do you use an older version?

Check with dpkg -l xisp
It should be 2.5p4-1

If you are using an older version (I suspect so), then upgrade. pppd
2.3.5 (as included in slink) got stricter about the allowed usage of
parameters for unprivileged users.

If I am wrong with my guess, please run 
find /etc/ppp -type f | xargs grep "name "
as root, so that I can see where this parameter comes from.

	Martin, xisp maintainer

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