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Re: Script to check whether modem telephone line in use --- how?

On Thu, Apr 01, 1999 at 06:42:40PM +0930, Mark Phillips wrote:

[major snip]

> a while.  But from what Bud Rogers has said, it would seem the abort
> should happen straight away.)

	Yes, it should.  I don't have problems with interfering with other
modems here, but there are other people using the phone.  If someone else is
on the line, my modem will hang up immediately without making any noises
aside from the the clicks of going off hook and then back on hook.  Maybe
your modem doesn't understand this.

	I can also confirm what others have already said, that not dialing
is not gaurantee that you will not crash your fathers connection.  If I am
on line and someone picks up the phone, the noise is often, though not
always, sufficient to cause my connection to drop.



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