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Re: The newbie needs more help.


On Thu, 01 Apr, 1999 à 02:05:26AM -0700, ruthurie@ecn.ab.ca wrote:
> IBM PS/2, 386
> 6 megs ram
> 58 meg esdi hard drive
> MCA (ugh!) architecture
> 1 1.44 floppy
> Ok.  I tried the fdisk fix.  No good.  I tried the MCA site 
> http://www.dgmicro.com/mca/default.htm that was suggested.  It mainly delt
> with using slackware.  Is this an eazier option?  Is thare anyone on the
> list who has tried this method?  I tried it myself, downloading the
> recommended files (ibmmca.s - boot disk, and color.gz - root)
> unfortunately, the setup sort of hangs after the root disk is loaded.

You machine hasn't enough RAM for the normal slackware installation. You
should read the docs concerning lowmem installation but I don't know if
combining MCA, lowmem and only one floppy is manageable...
BTW, I had no problem with ESDI drives but it was not on an MCA machine.
On a PS/2 machine your drive is probably /dev/eda instead of /dev/hda.


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