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Re: MTA and SMTP ident

>> "GC" == G Crimp <ye416@freenet.victoria.bc.ca> writes:

GC> The From: header is okay, but the envelope From header gets
GC> written as me_here@my.isp.com.  The my.isp.com is getting through
GC> because I could tell smail that my visible_name was the domain of
GC> my ISP and not the local machine name.

GC> Some mailing lists don't like the fact the From: field and the
GC> envelope don't agree and reject my mail. 

I believe you are wrong here. This would be damn stupid (BTW, the
mailinglist might reject the message based on this, the receiving MTA
however must not do this).

I have no problems with something like that. Did you choose to send
_all_ outgoing mail via your isp's smtp server (smarthost)?

For me, I just set the visible_name and use the method described in
http://www.debian.org/fom/137.html to change the From: and Sender:
header (so I don't have to do it im every programm sending mails).


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