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Re: Slink upgrade and xwindows

After reading this thread, I've removed xbase and (unwanted) xdm (I'll
own up, I didn't rtfm, and it caused me a problem upgrading
hamm->slink).  However, I dpkg warnings:
	while removeing xdm, directory /var/state/xdm not empty so no
and the same for /etc/X11/xdm.  Is it ok for me to manually remove these
directories and their contents, or will I break something?

Thanks in  advance,

servis@purdue.edu wrote:
> *- On 14 Mar, George Bonser wrote about "Re: Slink upgrade and xwindows"
> > On Sun, 14 Mar 1999 servis@purdue.edu wrote:
> >
> >> xdm was installed on your system before.  It was part of the old xbase
> >> package.  The reason xdm was sucked in during the upgrade was that
> >> because xbase was split into several different packages it was
> >> impossible to determine which components of it were being used before
> >> the upgrade.  So all components that were part of xbase were Required
> >
> > The trouble is that if I try to remove xdm in dselect, it tries to remove
> > xbase as well. I think xdm should maybe depend on xbase but I really don't
> > think it should be the other way around. I understand why this might have
> > been done ... the tradeoff being that there would be more complaints if
> > XDM went away than if it suddenly appeared but I wish I could get rid of
> > it without making dselect scream about xbase all the time.
> >
> Go ahead and remove xbase.  As the package description for xbase says:
> Description: XFree86 upgrade convenience package
>  Between Debian 2.0 ("hamm") and 2.1 ("slink") the XFree86 packages were
>  extensively reorganized; this package exists solely to smooth the
>  transition for people upgrading from Debian 2.0 or earlier.
>  .
>  Once this package has been installed it may be removed at any time; it
>  contains no programs, libraries, or documentation.
>  .
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