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Re: HELP. My chat script doesn't work.

John Hasler wrote:

> > It looks to me as if it gets stuck on the Host Name. When it gets the
> > UserID promt it sends the Host Name again ????
> No.  That is the other end echoing the "HOSTNAME^M" you sent.  It is
> hanging waiting for "ser ID:"  Try telling it to expect just "ID:" .

Thank you very much for your advice. I tried it, but unfortunately the result was
exactly the same. Can you suggest anything else to try ???

> Are you sure you are supposed to send the string "HOSTNAME" and not the
> actual name of a host?

Oh, I am sorry. I am not sending the string HOSTNAME. I edited the copies of my
/var/log/ppp.log and /etc/chatscripts/provider. I substituted the actual phone
number, host name, login, and password with PHONENUMBER, HOSTNAME, LOGIN, and
PASSWORD. I don't want to put that information on the net. The actual string I use
for the Host Name is OK though. It works when I use minicom.

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