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Re: CD recorder problem

hubert.fauque@wanadoo.fr wrote:
"Daniel J. Brosemer" <odin@bolverk.dorm.org> writes:

> On 23 Feb 1999 hubert.fauque@wanadoo.fr wrote:
> cdwrite is not as full-featured as cdrecord.  Unless you have a special
> reason to use cdwrite, I suggest
>   cdrecord -v -dummy -xa2 dev=3,0 speed=2 cdimage.raw
>                ^^^^^
>                 for testing so you don't kill a disc.
thanks for your answer, which has helped me to find the problem:
cdrecord sent the message
debian modprobe: can't locate module char-major-21
and I have found that I had forgotten to configure
the scsi generic driver in kernel conf;
now it works.

I am nom looking for technical info about CD writing, do you know
where I could find it?

If you haven't already gotten to it try the CD-R FAQ.

Jens B. Jorgensen

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