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RE: ISP connect

On 15-Feb-99 eferen1 wrote:
> I use the KDE window to configure dial-up settings.  I have reconfigured the
> connect script to this:
> noauth.

Should be fine

> That is the only line in the script.  I connect through MSN which requires a
> PAP login.  I did not put a DNS number in hoping maybe it would configure
> this dynamically.  The IP is set to dynamic negotiation.

No, you need to enter the DNS, unless they use dhcp to give out DNS.

> When it does connect initially, I get a terminal window asking for a login.
> I send my login name and then it asks for a password.  I send that and it
> comes back with "bad password".
> Does anyone else connect their machine through MSN?  If so, how'd you do it?

Cant help much beyond that.

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