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Re: mySQL.

On Sun, 14 Feb 1999, Chris Wong wrote:
>	I've installed mySQL using apt. Now, I'm wondering, it's running, but
>how do I do a "crash-and-burn" test with it? I'm also wondering if the version
>is the same as the one on www.mysql.org.
>	Another funny thing, I'm not too sure on what this does.  I mean,
>how does a user "use" it once it's working?..
>Chris Wong | cw@addm.com
>AD Digital Media Inc. (c) 1999
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Basically, a user either uses the command line mysql or a mysql-enabled program
to do anything with mysql. Right now, I'm developing a mysql client program
in Java using the Mysql JDBC driver. You can do stuff in Perl and C/C++ to
with the right libraries/Perl modules. I'm also using the PHP3 mysql package
to create dynamic web pages that access mysql data. 

Read the manual in /usr/doc/mysql. Create a sample table and load some data
into it. Run some SQL queries. Setting up permissions is tricky. If you need
any more help, or anything I've said is unclear, feel free to mail me.   

Stephen Pitts smpitts@midsouth.rr.com 
webmaster - http://www.mschess.org

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