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RE: slashdot poll

> > Debian's harder to install. One guy mentionned he could install Red Hat in
> > less than 15 minutes. Hard to have something fully up at that speed with
> > Debian.
> >
> Right.  I've recently tried Redhat and SuSE on a separate partition
> and Debian's installation is still pure stone age. Well, i guess
> there's still Slackware...

What do people like about RH? Is it worth trying to nick parts of their
install? I found it a pain - It wouldn't let me just install individual
packages, though I wonder whether some of the modconf stuff could be left
out for the initial install.....
> And now imagine the power of Debian combined with an installation
> routine at least as convenient and user friendly like Redhat's or
> SuSE's.  Debian would be the absolute killer!
> But oh well, talk is cheap...

How about suggesting some improvements, rather than "I don't like the
Debian install"?



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