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Re: Notebook manufacturer recomendation

On Wed, 3 Feb 1999, Dave Swegen wrote:

> With a bit of luck I'll be starting work in a few weeks (crossing fingers
> til they pop off and fly accross the room), and I was told I'd be bought a
> notebook. So I was hoping I could get some pointers to which notebook
> manufacturers tend to allow for easy debian installation. I believe the
> companys semi-official provider is Compaq - any thoughts?

I have Debian 2.0 running quite happily on my IBM ThinkPad 365XD. I know
it's an older model, but it works great for me. (I'm using it now.)

> Also, is the palm pilot worthwhile or just a fun gadget (thought I might
> ask for one when I start ;)?

I use my PalmPilot Personal alot. Especially in university for keeping
track of my schedule, projects/assignments, and grades. It's also great
for those boring, fall asleep type classes (a little game of klondike or
cribbage can keep me entertained for a class or two.) *grin* I haven't
played much with the unix tools for it (like pilot-link) though.

> Any info much appreciated.

No problem.

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