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Re: Notebook manufacturer recomendation

On Wed, 3 Feb 1999, Dave Swegen wrote:

> With a bit of luck I'll be starting work in a few weeks (crossing fingers
> til they pop off and fly accross the room), and I was told I'd be bought a
> notebook. So I was hoping I could get some pointers to which notebook
> manufacturers tend to allow for easy debian installation. I believe the
> companys semi-official provider is Compaq - any thoughts?

Just one data point for the Dell Inspiron 7000.

  333 MHz, 8 GByte HD, beautiful 15' LCD

  * No problems installing Debian in a dual boot configuration with

  * PC-CARDBUS works well with 32 and 16 bit cards.

  * Don't get internal modem as its a WinModem.

  * Sound uses Maestro chip which is not currently supported.

  * Uses ATI Rage Pro LT chip for video which is only partially
    supported using a special patched Mach64 server and fbcon device
    from the 2.2 kernel.  Result is marginal.  Xig has a commercial
    X server which supposedly works well.

  * No problem with mouse.

  * Works with both 2.0 and 2.2 kernels.

  * APM power management seems to work well except for the lid closing
    switch.  Battery life is excellent.

Overall I happy with the performance which is much better than most
laptops I've used.  Its heavy though.

Jean Pierre

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