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Re: Do you still need screensavers these days?

On Sun, 31 Jan 1999, Carl Fink wrote:

> In linux.debian.user, Stefan (sb51@soas.ac.uk) wrote:
> >I remember reading somewhere that you don't really need screensavers anymore
> >with modern monitors to prevent damage to them, and that the only reason to
> >run them is to show off to your colleagues or whoever.
> That, and to lock the the computer so no one can play with it.  If
> you're in an environment where you log onto a server containing
> confidential information, the screen saver can keep someone else from
> wandering into your office and seeing that stuff.
> With modern power-saving BIOSes, the thing can even turn the monitor
> off (and power down the computer) if you've been away too long, saving
> electricity and wear on your system.

	Great! This is what I did in Windoze. But how do I do it in Linux?
Is there any kind of software that does this??

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