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I hate dselect

Sorry for wasting bandwidth on this list, but I just had to rant.

I installed the base portion of potato, then after my first
reboot chose "standard home workstation in the "slick-pick" part
of the install.

When I started to download the packages selected by that routine,
I was told I don't have enough drive space to download
everything. "No problem," I thought; I'd just choose a smaller
download grouping when the Install portion of dselect lets me
choose which files to download. Only the apt method doesn't
support that option like the ftp method did. Doh!

Suggestions on this list suggested I move the /var/cache/apt to a
larger partition and create a symlink to it. So I did this, and
that helped, and now I have enough drive space to download
everything, but I don't believe I'll have enough space to unpack
the downloaded packages (I only have an 820MB HD).

So following another suggestion on this list, I went into dselect
and tried to put some stuff on Hold. Only thing is, dselect's
"Select" option sucks! sucks! sucks!

Maybe if I spent a few weeks learning all the nuances of dselect
I could figure out how to work it, but the help screens indicated
that I could just select something like "Required Updated
Packages" and put that on Hold. But then dependency screens came
up, so as per the help screens, I pressed "R" to restore things
to the way they were, then I pressed "X" to exit and abandon all
changes. But when I went to the "Install" option to try the full
download again, all of a sudden the size of my download doubled.
>From there it just went downhill.

I've been around this list long enough to know that several
people have asked how to get back to the "slick-pick" screen and
haven't gotten a good answer. So I guess I'm stuck with having to
manually go through dselect's "Select" option and try to get a
working system.

Again, sorry for wasting bandwidth on this list, but I just had
to rant.

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