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Re: Mouse not working!!!!!!!!!

On Thu, Jan 28, 1999 at 09:47:14AM -0600, Kent West wrote:

> I believe there's a gpmconfig tool that may help, but if there's an IRQ
> conflict it won't. IRQ issues are the biggest pain other than shoddy
> software (can you say "Microsloth"?). Getting it straight depends on your

   gpm-mouse-test /dev/ttyS0 doesn't seem to be able to locate the mouse,
even though it had no trouble before recognizing it as a sound ms mouse.

> BIOS capabilities and whether you have Plug-N-Curse devices, etc. If you
> put your old video card back in and your mouse returns to normal function,
> you can be pretty sure it's some sort of hardware (ie. IRQ, etc) conflict.

   As I said in my original message, I think it's a hardware problem. I only
shut down my computer, installed a card, and rebooted. And the mouse wasn't
working. I did some changes in BIOS, and I'd like to know how people have
configured the /dev/ttyS0 (COM1) port in their BIOS, as that might hold a
key to the problem. setserial /dev/ttyS0 returns a port at 0x3f8, and irq 4,
which is what proc/ioports and proc/interrupts return as well. Besides, I
haven't got any "exotic cards" around: only an old NE2000, my S3, and the
serial/parallel ports, that's all.

> If you have a utility that came with the mouse that tests communication
> with the mouse you might try that also (although you'll probably have to
> boot into DOS to use it), but gpmconfig should do pretty much the same thing.

   The mouse works fine if I boot and use dos or windows. Maybe it's afraid
of the "penguin inside" (in these moments of utter dispair, I shall try no
to lose my sense of humour, however pathetic it might be :-D).

> Sorry this isn't much help; maybe others on the list will have more info
> for you.

   Thanks a lot. Maybe with a bit more information
Jose L Gomez Dans			PhD student
					Radar & Communications Group
					Department of Electronic Engineering
					University of Sheffield UK

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