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Re: Is SupraExpress 288i PnP Modem a WinModem?


   I've just installed the base portion of potato and can't seem to
   get a response from my SupraExpress 288i PnP modem. Does anyone
   know if this is a winmodem?

definitely no - that's standard modem. i have supraexpress 336i pnp
running very stable with slink

   PS. I tried searching the web (including the linux hardware
   compatibility and the www.debian.org search engine, hoping it'd
   be mentioned in the mail archives) for this info, and am kindda
   under the impression that this modem will work with Linux, but
   I'd like a definite "yes it works" or "no it doesn't" or "yes if
   you do this and that and this"..

if it's not yet working for you just drop me a line in private
e-mail - i'll send the info how i got it up and running


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