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RE: xdm

On 22-Jan-99 Brian Morgan wrote:
> Thanks to all who have helped me get X up and running.  I'm using xdm to
> start my X sessions (not sure if I'll keep it).   A few more questions:
> 1. If I decide I'd rather get rid of xdm, and use startx instead, what file
> to I need to modify to get to a console login on startup rather than the
> graphical xdm login?

In /etc/X11 is all the X config.  One of the files in there contains
"start-xdm", it may /etc/X11/Xservers, I forget.
> 2.  If I do decide to keep xdm, what file do I modify to change my default
> windows manager (similar to the .xinitrc file when using startx).

On a per user basis, there is a file in ~ to edit, again I forget the name.  I
think you can actually make a link .xinitrc -> ???? and xdm will read it.  Try
looking in the xdm docs (or man page).

> .3  Does xdm put any limitations on using gnome if I decide to use that in
> the future?

Once you have per user config, you can start whatever you want, even GNOME.

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