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Re: [OFF-TOPIC] qvirtual option in fetchmail

Richard Alhama <keyoz@bgo.cyberspace.com.ph> writes:

> any1 here who know what to put on the qvirtual option of fetchmail
> I've read the docs, manpages and tried different parameters but fetchmail
> barfs:
> fetchmail:/home/keyoz/.fetchmailrc:8 server option after user options at
> Deliver-To (or any other text after qvirtual)
> I can't fetchmail when I switched to qmail.

I never had to use the qvirtual option when running qmail on my home
system.  (I used fetchmail with qmail before the qvirtual option
existed.)  What are you trying to achieve?

The answer to your problem, BTW, is to move the parameter
"qvirtual isp-prefix-" further up in your .fetchmailrc.

> I don't really think qmail is non-free, even if SPI or debian views it
> that way.  To me, it is still open-sourceware.

qmail's license doesn't fall comply with the DFSG, so it's not part of
Debian.  It also doesn't comply with the OSD, so it's not Open
Source(TM) either.

(It also has annoying consequences if DJB gets hit by a bus.)

> as for being arrogant,

DJB frequently appears quite arrogant, even when he's correct.

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