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Re: Rescue disk fails for initial installation

This might not be the easiest way but ...

Try downloading tom's root/boot diskette (www.toms.net/rb) and see if
the box will IPL from it. 

If it does follow the instrucctions in the append I just made to the
list ...

Good luck. Bob

Bucky Pope wrote:
> I have an old IBM PC that I'm trying to install from diskettes (no CD
> drive).  When I boot the rescue disk (most recent on the web) and hit
> enter, I get the following message:
>         Loading root.bin...
> The boot process then hangs with the diskette light on solid, does not
> repond to c-t-a.  I've tried commands like Linux hd=...
> but that doesn't change anything since it's failing on the initail load.
> Is there some way to track the events of the load process to see where
> it is hanging.
> I've played around with several BIOS setting, changed hdisks, but no
> luck.  The same rescue disk works on a new PC (not the one I want to
> convert to Linux.).
> -bucky pope
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