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Re: Grafting other kernels on Debian's rescue disks

GREAT !!!!!!!

After a couple of days of sweat, headaches and the occasional fit of
rage, mostly thanks to this great support group I made it.


Dowload the 2.1.4 diskettes.
Download tomsrtbt versio 1.7.102 (DOS ZIP) and extract the kernel
Graft the kernel image from tom's (thank you tom) onto Debian as linux
Boot with tom's diskette, mount the Debian Frankenstein floppy on /mnt
Run the /mnt/rdev.sh script

BUT .....

I have a deep obligation and an affectionate tie to Debian.
A newcomer in my situation will probably skip to RedHat or SuSe or ...
I mean that the Debian boot floppies are about the weakest link in the
chain and it is a pity since most users will start from there ...

Do not mean to denigrate Enrique's great effort but in my many Debian
installation it is not the first time I had to fight to boot the beast.

Anyway thank you again very very much. Bob

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