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Re: Thanks/Switching X managers


Ship's Log, Lt. ktb, Stardate 301298.1945:
> I then used locate .xsession and found three files in /home/kent
> directory:
> .xsession~
*~ are backupfiles 
> .xsession
that is the right one
> .xsession-errors
that's the errors which occure starting X
> I placed "exec fvwm2" in both the .xsession and .xsession~ files and
.xsession is enough

> used chmod again.  I did all steps as a regular user while in the /home
> directory.
$HOME, that is /home/kent, not /home
btw. one chmod +x should be enough, you can check with ls -l .xsession if it
still has the x-bit set
> I rebooted and nothing changed in X.  The directions at the Debian site
> said the files should be in the home directory so I moved the three
> files to /home.  Rebooted and no change.
> What am I doing wrong?

rebooting, this is Linux not Windblows :-)

have you checked /etc/X11/(Xsession.)options ? there has to be an
'allow-user-xsession' in it otherwise your .xsession is ignored.

you should also start your .xsession with the following line
right at the beginning, marking it as a shell-skript.

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