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Thanks/Switching X managers

Hi, I'm trying to set it up so that after I sign into X  the fvwm2
windows manager comes up and not  fvwm95.  I followed the tutorial
directions at the Debian site to do this:
touch ~/.xsession
chmod u+x ~/.xsession

I then used locate .xsession and found three files in /home/kent

I placed "exec fvwm2" in both the .xsession and .xsession~ files and
used chmod again.  I did all steps as a regular user while in the /home

I rebooted and nothing changed in X.  The directions at the Debian site
said the files should be in the home directory so I moved the three
files to /home.  Rebooted and no change.
What am I doing wrong?  BTW thanks to everyone for helping me get
Communicator up and running:)

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