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Re: Thanks/Switching X managers

ktb wrote:
  >Hi, I'm trying to set it up so that after I sign into X  the fvwm2
  >windows manager comes up and not  fvwm95.  I followed the tutorial
  >directions at the Debian site to do this:
  >touch ~/.xsession
  >chmod u+x ~/.xsession
Another method that you can use, but one which will affect ALL users,
is to edit /etc/X11/window-managers.  The first one on the list is
the default window-manager, so move fvwm2 to the top of the list.  You
will not then need to do anything with .xsession.

Another thing to note, if you do need to change ~/.xsession, is that
.xsession is used by xdm but not by startx (which uses .xinitrc).  You
should ensure that ~/.xsession is linked to ~/.xinitrc so that they are
effectively the same file.  You also need to check /etc/X11/config, as
Noah pointed out.

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