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Re: ip-up & ip-down

Martin Bialasinski writes:
> There is also another problem. When ppp is updated, it will update poff,
> and all changes would be lost.

I thought it was fairly obvious that one would need to take measures to
deal with this.  The simplest is to just put the edited poff in
/usr/local/bin.  You could also just restore poff manually after ppp
upgrades.  New ppp packages don't exactly come out every month.

> Your second remark is still valid, but on most cases it is good
> enough...

Yes.  It might even be worthwhile to add this "ip-about-to-go-up" and
"ip-about-to-go-down" functionality to pon/poff (which should be links to a
single script).

> (maybe diald would need special treatment)

It would.
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