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Re: ip-up & ip-down

Frederic Breitwieser writes:
> In the ip-up and up-down scripts, I had to switch directories in order
> for the program to see its config file in the same directory - it doesn't
> use any path or environment variables !

This documented in the pppd man page.  It is done for security reasons.
The standard Debian ip-up and ip-down scripts set PATH and export it.

Why are you rewriting ip-up and ip-down?  The standard Debian ip-up and
ip-down scripts use run-parts to run whatever you put in ip-up.d and
ip-down.d.  Thus you would create a script named dynip in ip-down.d, make
it executable and put this in it:

dynipclient -k

and put a similar script in ip-up.d.  

By rewriting ip-up and ip-down you are going to foul up packages that put
scripts in these directories and expect them to get run at appropriate

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