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ip-up & ip-down


I have successfully installed Debian 2.x via FTP!  Apache, smail, squid,
samba.  While I am having security issues, I do have a simple question,
which probably is nothing more than a basic shell question.

in the /etc/ppp directory there are two files, ip-up and ip-down.  From
what I can tell, ip-up is executed upon a successful dial-up connection to
the internet, and ip-down is executed upon dropping of said connection.

In the ip-up file, I need to execute:

	/usr/local/bin/dynipclient -p

In the ip-down file, I need to execute

	/usr/local/bin/dynipclient -k

When I add the lines, it doesn't work.  dynipclient is a program, not a
shell script.  Anyone have the simple answer?  I didn't see it in my unix
book, so maybe I'm looking in the incorrect spot.

Thanks, and happy holidays!

Frederic Breitwieser
Bridgeport, CT 06606

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1989 HMMWV
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