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sound in netscape


I am trying to put sound in netscape 4.5. Apparently the debian package
doesn't install the sound interfaces (plugins?), or does it? 

I tried to install the ump plugin for midi files, but when I start
netscape it says

ERROR: /usr/lib/netscape/plugins/ump.so: undefined symbol: fstat
Cant load plugin /usr/lib/netscape/plugins/ump.so. Ignored.

Any ideas? Do I really have to install a plugin for each kind of sound
file? Are there debian packages for that (I have a SB 16)?

Thanks in advance,


PS. Please email me back, I can't read Debian Mailing lists archives. My
netscape 4.5 hangs after loading 200K of a html page. Have you had this
problem also?

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