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Re: spreadsheet


I'm not a big user of spreadsheets but I have looked at Siag which seems to
be quite effective.  IIRC functionality can be extended through scripting
(as in Excel) although the scripting language is not built in.  I think
Perl is the language (but don't quote me on that :)

Also from what I see on the list here, StarOffice has a spreadsheet as part
of its package but I've no idea how good that is - I would expect that it
would be very good as it is part of a commercial suite but then again ...

If neither of those suit you then there is another office suite around
somewhere called, I think, Andrew.  This also has a spreadsheet.

Good luck !


At 02:10 PM 12/27/98 -0500, you wrote:
>	Anyone have a reomendation for a good spreadsheet, under Debian?
>	I would have sworn, that I had seen a nice graphical one in a recent
>	_Linux Journal_, but I can't seem to locate it in my stack of back
>	issues.
>	Thanks.
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