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Re: xbase problem (2.0_

Ralph Winslow wrote:
> Ed Cogburn wrote:
> >
> > Ralph Winslow wrote:
> > >
> > > When Clyde Wilson wrote, I replied:
> > > >
> > > > On Thu, 24 Dec 1998, Stan Brown wrote:
> > > >
> > > > >       Is there a known problem with the xbase package from the 2.0release? It
> > > > >       failed to install some required config files, and dpkg even sugested I
> > > > >       file a bug report against it.
> > > > >
> > > > I haven't used dpkg, but dselect seems to do the same thing.  You should
> > > > answer no during the automatic install when it asks if you want to create
> > > > a config file.  After everything is installed enter
> > > > /usr/sbin/xbase-configure logged on as root.
> > >
> > > When I tried this I got
> > >
> > > # /usr/sbin/xbase-configure
> > > ksh: /usr/sbin/xbase-configure: not found
> >
> >         Hmmm, I'm running slink, and never heard of (and I looked for) this file.
> >
> > > I had been running fvwm95-2 and I'm kind of used to that, but it seems
> > > that now
> > > (since I upgraded to slinK, that is) I'm only able to get fvwm2.  As you
> > > can see, pon/ppp is OK as is netscape4.5 which I had been and am still
> > > able to use.  But
> > > this window manager won't resize or reposition windows, doesn't Iconify,
> > > etc.
> > > How can I get fvwm95-2 back?
> >
> >         What does your /etc/X11/window-manager file say?
> ps aef shows that I'm running fvwm95 and that it's under 
> ~my_login_id/.xinitrc
> but this window manager is totally different - I can't re-size or even
> move the windows  that I open, I don't have a color background, but a
> cross-hatch background, focus changes by cursor moving into a window and
> not by clicking on it, there's no bar at the bottom that shows iconified
> tasks, nor a bar above it for launching xterms, netscape, etc nor clock,
> nor system activity.

	Except for the part about not being able to move windows, it sounds like you
are running fvwm2 (do you still have fvwm1?), but all window managers allow
you to move the windows, so I'm not sure whats going on here.  If you can move
the focus (sure about this?), then you definitely have a window manager
running .  Its possible to run X without a window manager, with a default
Xsession file, all you would see in this situation is a single (unmovable)
xterm, without a frame, in the top left corner.
	This probably won't be the problem, but, make sure you have a symlink called
xinitrc in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xinit.  It should point to a
/etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc file. this file, on its last line, should say '.

> > The first line is the
> > window manager that will be used.  Do you have a .xinitrc; does it specify a
> > different window manager?
> >         Wait a sec... Are you specifying 'fvwm95-2'?  On my slink system its just
> > 'fvwm95'.
> My .xinitrc checks for executable fvwm-95-2, then fvwm95, then fvwm,
> then twm
> and executes the first it finds - hence fvwm95.  I'm considering a move

	Your .xinitrc shouldn't do this check; this is what /etc/X11/Xsession does!  
??? (What's going on here?)  Try renaming your .xinitrc to something else and
run X.  Does it work correctly (from above, I'm assuming fvwm95 is in the
first line of /etc/X11/window-managers)?.  Do you get fvwm95 and the default
xterm?  If you still can't figure out the problem, then I have 2 suggestions. 
One, try reinstalling fvwm95, and say 'y' to the question 'do you want to make
this wm the default?'.  It might help.  Second, come back to this list and
show us *exactly* what you are doing.  Show us the contents of ~/.xinitrc,
/etc/X11/window-managers, /etc/X11/config, and make sure you have
'allow-user-xsession' in Xsession.options.  Are you starting X with 'startx
&', or are you using xdm.

> to wmaker,

	By itself, WM is very nice, but if you are also running gnome (from what
you've said, I don't think you are) then a simpler window manager, like fvwm2
without the pager, is better.

> but I don't want to spend time learning a new environment (not that I
> really learned fvwm95-2; I just seemed intuitive).

	WM has a floating dock which can be configured while running WM; no mucking
around in a config file is needed.  This plus the debian menu makes WM easy to
use.  The WM configure program is also very much reccomended.

Ed C.

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