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Re: configure device drivers

"M. Francisca Jofre" wrote:
> On a first time install with Debian everything went exceptionally smooth
> except for one item: when i reached the point for selecting and
> configuring device drivers, nothing showed up (except the option to exit
> this part of the installation and go back to the main menu:). I tried a
> reinstall with a new drv1440.bin image (on a different floppy) and the
> same happened. Suggestions? Also, would this be why i got a "kernal
> lacks ppp support" when trying to use pppd after the install?

	Yes, if the kernel doesn't have ppp support builtin, or it can't find the ppp
module, then you'll get that message.  Take a look in /lib/modules.  There
should be at least one dir here named for the version of the kernel, i.e.
'2.0.35'.  Check that the modules are there, for example, the subdir 'net'
should have 'ppp.o'.
	If the modules are there, run 'depmod -a' then make sure /etc/modules says
'auto' (or else list every module you want loaded at bootup).
	This should get you started.

Ed C.

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