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Re: WP 8 problem

	Subject: Re: WP 8 problem
	Date: Fri, Dec 18, 1998 at 11:44:24PM -0500

In reply to:Tun Yang

Quoting Tun Yang(tyang@chat.carleton.ca):
> >Well I agree with Riccardo!  It took me 18 hours to _finally_ get all
> >7 parts of the software. I found that there readme was written by
> >someone that didn't even try to load the 7 parts.  I then found that
> >the Runme file didn't do anything (useful) so I had to figure out why
> >.gz files were not, if fact, gzipped but tarred. Then, after looking
> >at the Runme script, saw that it expected lowercase file names, so
> >changed them.  Ok, now to get the Runme to run.  Forget it.  It is
> >looking for files that aren't there.  A check of the ./linux/bin file
> >shows that they are not executeable, in fact 'file ./linux/bin' says
> >they
> >are data files.  OK, look on the list to see what others are finding.
> >OK, now look for xwp.  I am still looking.  It isn't in the packages
> >that I have. Look for _any_ executeables. Found Runme, which doesn't
> >do anything but ask me if I have 'unzip'ed un-tared the files'.
> >
> >I find it a total waste of time and effort.  I would not bother to
> >even download it now _even_ if they said it was totally FREE.
> I don't understand why it took 18 hours??? it's not 180 megs or
> something... I got mine from ftp.cdrom.com, which gave me 2-3kps.. that
> ftpsite is also where I get my debian packages, so if it takes you 18
> hours.... you should have waited for other places to mirror it... places
> you normally get good transfer rates with..

My download rate was between 65 Bytes/Sec up to a whoping 260
Bytes/Sec (all from download.com), with breaks of up to 15 minutes
between bursts!  I should have quit after an hour or so but left to
get some work done and by the time I got back I was 6 hours into the 
download!  Note that here in the mountains my 33.6K modem can only
conntct to my ISP at 24K-26.4K. Thanks Bell Atlantic for the great
phone lines!!  

> As for installation, everything went virtually uneventfully...
> moved the file to home directory, tar xzzvf GUI*
> it extracted fine. read readme, not much there, ran runme, didn't work.
> read readme again, found out you had to run it in 'sh' shell. Ran sh. Ran
> runme, installed it. Ran xwp from wpbin directory. 
> The functionality is another story though... fooling around with the
> software, I found some parts that said only available in commercial
> version. I was under the impression that it was "fully" functionable for
> personal use...... that made no mention of limited features. They should
> have indicated it was limited in some way.

At the urging of some of my clients, I broke down and tried to get WP8
again.  This time I used ftp.cdrom.com and got the FULL 23Meg package
(2 Hr 45 Minutes with only 1 timeout).

This package was the one to get as it _did_ work OK.  The 7 package
download did not work!

My impression is that it is less bloat then SO4 that I had tried a few
months ago.  

It is fast.  It isn't perfect as I have had it crash, but it is very
versatile and is easy to use.  

If what I read about the price for the Personal version costing $70,
then this is a very good addition to the Linux arsenal.

My only suggestion is to get the BIG 23 Meg file and not to bother
with the 7 3-4 meg packages.  They are a waste of time.

Wayne T. Topa <wtopa@ix.netcom.com>

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