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netscape install

Hi All,

I've recently switched to Debian from slackware.
Tons of problems appear.  But I'm not giving it up yet.

I'm trying to install netscape 4.5 (non-debian package
with manual install).  When I try to run netscape
it complains Cannot load libXt.so.6.  The library is
correctly installed beacuse other programs can use it.
Same problem with netscape 4.05.  Does this need
the xcompat package?  But the xcompat package is missing!

Another Q.  If the OffiX originates from xfm, then where
is the window where you can put icons that start my favourite
programs?  I only get the files windows.

I also try to understand why gpm is pasting to my screen
continuously when i move the mouse and how I can put a
tiled color xpm as the root image in X when the great XV
package is not included in Debian....

Thank you very many, if somebody can help!


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