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Re: Corel WordPerfect 8 for Linux ishere! (fwd)

> Only problem now is that both the sites are full, 1000 user on
> Download.com and 3600 on ftp.cdrom.  You may want to wait a few
> hours (weeks) until the rush quitens down...
> If anyone manages to get it I would be interested (along with a
> number of other debian users) as to how good it is.

I've got it, but I haven't figured out quite how to install it.  
un-tgz'ing produces a handful of directories, a Readme, and a Runme.  

The Readme says to untar and ungzip everything, then run the Runme

The runme asks if you've untarred things, and decides there's nothign 
new to do if you say yes.  If you say no, it untars, but still doesn't 
do anything.  The executables end up in ./linux/bin

I assume there's some option i'm missing to figure out to tell it to 
use /usr/local or some such, but it beats me as to where . . .


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