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Recommendations for Email client?

Hello All,

I currently use MS Outlook 98 on a Windows PC to read my Email (I get
about 600-700 messages/day from various mailing lists).  I would *really*
like to switch over to a Debian-based solution, but I haven't been
able to find a mail client that supports my needs under Linux:

1.  IMAP support
2.  PGP integration
3.  X (preferably gtk) based UI
4.  The ability to support multiple mail servers/accounts.

So far I've had the best results with Netscape Communicator's Email client,
but it frequently craps out when accessing some of my larger folders (12,000+
messages), and is unable to handle PGP at all.

Outlook, spawn of the devil and all, has some features that I really like.  I
can open up an Email message fullscreen and skip to the next/previous message
with a single hotkey (Netscape Communicator does this, other clients such as
Balsa do not).

I have a grand total of 3 Email accounts (two IMAP and one POP3).  Netscape
will let me use the two IMAP accounts, but it doesn't allow more than one
Email account when using POP3.

So, what does everyone here use?  Should I just wait for projects such as
Balsa or Aeleron to get better?  Should I punt and just use PINE under
an Xterm?  Is there a way to integrate PGP into Netscape Communicator?

-Jon Burchmore

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