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Re: Recommendations for Email client?

On Tue, Dec 01, 1998 at 10:41:15AM -0800, Jon Burchmore wrote:
> like to switch over to a Debian-based solution, but I haven't been
> able to find a mail client that supports my needs under Linux:

    Good reason for it, there isn't one.

> So, what does everyone here use?  Should I just wait for projects such as
> Balsa or Aeleron to get better?  Should I punt and just use PINE under
> an Xterm?  Is there a way to integrate PGP into Netscape Communicator?

    Personally I use PMMail98 on my WinNT machine.  Since The unix
programmers approach things from a different viewpoint there isn't a mail
client worth a hill of beans on Linux yet as they are fail in at least one
major way, if not several major ways.

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