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Re: What does the # of supported visuals depend on?

> Hi!
> I am currently porting my program from an SGI to a DEC Ultrix and a
> PC Linux system.  The biggest problem (besides byte swapping stuff)
> is the number of supported visuals.  On the SGI I can chooes between
> lots of different truecolor, directcolor and pseudocolor visuals.
> The same on the DEC (with smaller colormaps however :-[ ), but on
> my Linux box with XFree running in 16bpp mode I only have _one_
> truecolor visual.  If I start X with 8bpp I get some more, but then
> the truecolor visuals look really ugly.
> So, I am really wondering:
>  What does the number of supported visuals depend on?
>  And why is there no pseudocolor visual in 16bpp?

Current versions of xfree86 simply do not support pseudocolor visuals in
more than 8 bpp.  On www.xfree86.org the announcement of XFree86 4.0

XFree86 4.0

Our next major release will be 4.0. We don't know when this will be
available, and at this point we can't even make a reasonable guess, so
please don't ask us that question. We also don't have any beta versions
of 4.0 available yet, so please don't ask about that either. We still
have lot of work to do on it before it will be ready. The list below is
some of what we have planned for the 4.0 release. This feature list may
change as development progresses. We're only showing it here to give
people an idea of what we're aiming for with 4.0.


8-bit PseudoColor overlays when running in a TrueColor mode (on
selected hardware).


That means it will be included at some point in the future.  If you
can't wait, you may want to check out some of the commercial xservers.
I seem to remember they did include this feature, although it is a long
time ago I heard anyone mention them (Accelerated X, MetroLink???).



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