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Re: reinstallation of system with full complement ...

So then Martin Bialasinski (martin@internet-treff.uni-koeln.de) said . . .

> >> "AED" == Alan Eugene Davis <adavis@netpci.com> writes:
> AED> My system is pretty richly endowed with installed software, but is in need
> AED> of some rejuvenation---a reinstall from scratch. 
> [...]
> AED> I would appreciate any suggestions on upgrading.  I don't want to lose
> AED> software I've compiled myself, but I want to install debian from scratch.
> If you just installed into /usr/local, then this is easy.
> Save /home/ /etc/ and /usr/local/ (using tar or such).
> dpkg --get-selections > select.dpkg
> will save your package selections.
> wipe the partitions, install the base system, then do a 
> dpkg --set-selections < select.dpkg
> and choose the "install" option in dpkg. (Maybe apt-get upgrade will
> also do it after setting the selection).

You could still have problems with legacy libraries, especially X-related
libraries.  Maybe you could take an inventory with something like

dpkg -S lib | grep lib[IMPSXanowx] | more

If you're keeping libraries segregated on your system for special use with
certain applications (that conflict with other libraries on the system) you
might want to pay attention to this.  

Good luck!
David S. Jackson                           http://www.dsj.net
"Habit is either the best of servants or the worst of masters."
                         --Nathaniel Emmons

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